photographs by Eiki Mori (left, center) , keiko kurita (right)

鳥井 信徳

2008年 初の作品集「yearn」をUTRECHTより発表、同タイトルの個展も開催。
2010年 企画・写真・デザイン・装丁・編集を手がける「HIKARI」を創刊。

Nobunori Torii

born in 1979, lives and works in Tokyo Japan.
I am entirely self-taught and founded my own fashion label, ’0′, in 2006.
The entire process from designing, patterning, sewing, silk-screening, to finishing touches is done by myself to create something special.
With a focus on menswear, the brand is developing around the concept ‘my own ideal wardrobe’.
Presenting my work is as important as creating it, and therefore I have studied photography to showcase my work. This has led me to use photography for documenting my surroundings such as my studio, friends, musicians, and the city of Tokyo. Since then, I have also been working and exhibiting as a photographer.
In 2008, the first book of photos, ‘yearn’ was published and exhibited at UTRECHT in Tokyo.
In 2010, a magazine ‘HIKARI’ was self-published.
An exciting new project will be launched.

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